These are some common questions that we get about the internship.

Once you have completed 600 hours in the internship, there will be paid opportunities. If you are credentialed or certified, there is a job placement networking system within Courts Corner LA.

Housing is not provided during your time in the internship. Transportation is not provided, but carpooling among interns to and from events can be arranged.

The Courts Corner LA OFF Season internship will begin
June 1st thru August 30th, 2024.

There will be a series of introductory meetings prior to the start of the program to cover rules and regulations as well as answer any questions.

A minimum of 10 hours per week are required during the duration of the internship.

No refunds will be returned. The application fee includes processing the application, supplies, and Courts Corner clinic admission.

Yes, we encourage clinicians and students of different levels to apply to gain a great variety of sports and health care hands-on practice.  

We encourage you to ask as many questions about scheduling as possible if called for an interview and admission. It is required to make 75% of the hours required for the summer months in order to stay active for other sessions and future Courts Corner LA involvement.

You will not be able to select which events to cover. Everyone will be placed on intern teams based on need, experience, and availability within each event.

Yes you can go to school and work a job during your time in the internship, as long as it does not interfere with events that you are required to work. You will still need to complete the minimum 10 hours per week.

Yes, everyone will be able to work 1 on 1 with Courtney during active time in the internship.